Bamboo composites

Advanced Bamboo Composites (ABC) is the newest bamboo product from PLYBOO® and is especially suited to outdoor use as for bridge decking, jetty, terraces and flooring for balconies. ABC is also suitable as cladding (wall dressing) and for outdoor furniture such as park benches, picnic tables and street beams. Just like all PLYBOO® products ABC is a durable and evironmentally alternative to tropical hardwood. 

Alternative to tropical hardwood 
Around 40% of the bamboo stem is used in the production of traditional bamboo products such as flooring and panels. For ABC, between 90 and 95% of the bamboo stem is used. ABC is made up of bamboo fibres, dipped in a resin. Once dry, the materials are pressed under high pressure and then baked like a loaf in a tin. The loaf is then processed into planks. Depending on the end product new material is made up between 80% to 90% bamboo. The glue used meets European emission level E1.