About us

The Bamboo Information Centre (BIC) of The Netherlands is a versatile company in the field of bamboo. During the 1980s we began to grow and mass produce hardy bamboo plants for Northern Europe. Now in 2011, BIC has expanded to become a leading expertise centre and promoter of the worldwide application of industrial bamboo.

BIC is involved in the planting of bamboo in Central and South America. BIC advises in Kenya and Uganda, as well as in South East Asia. BIC’s advice is also highly regarded in China.

In the land in which the world’s largest bamboo reservoir is located, BIC has built up a strong network of contacts over the years. BIC has exclusive access to an extensive network of the most excellent producers of bamboo flooring, bamboo panels and advanced bamboo composites.

BIC has regularly been involved over the years in the newest developments in bamboo.