BIC informs
Expert knowledge from bamboo plant to bamboo plank is the power of BIC. Sharing this knowledge is a real element of our work and is anchored in the name of Bamboo Information Centre of The Netherlands.

BIC inspires
BIC promotes with great enthusiasm the diversity of bamboo. With or without reference to the source, many growers and bamboo traders are set on the bamboo trail by BIC.

BIC initiates
BIC is a modern and ambitious company that explicitly does not want to sit on the fence when it comes to new developments in bamboo. BIC helps the best bamboo producers in entering new markets.

BIC imports
BIC imports bamboo materials primarily from China, the land with the largest bamboo reservoir in the world. Over the years we have built up a dense network of the finest producers of high quality bamboo materials for industrial purposes. Our investment in time and quality has given us our good name, mutual respect is our guide in this.

BIC sells
BIC always aims to build up a sustainable relationship with its customers. We give our definition of the concept of sustainability by keeping the line between producer and customer as short as possible and by using a transparent pricing policy.

BIC’s mission is Fair Trade with a producer that can make a real contribution to a better environment. Bamboo is the sustainable alternative to hardwood.